A few Random Pictures

For lack of anyhing else to post about,

Here are some various pictures.

Michael (The reason there is a footprint on his shirt is because Rothfuss is German for "redfoot")

My science experiment from yesterday. (I am making a plaster fossil of a LEGO brick)

The pear cake Becca made for breakfast (It was really good, thanks Becca!)

"A Lone Knight Feasting" (My latest LEGO creation)

Hanna working on school (she's writing a report about snails)

Top two photos courtesy of Becca.

Bottom three photos courtesy of me.

About Spencer

I'm Spencer. I'm in to politics, martial arts, and technology. Find out more about me here.
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9 Responses to A few Random Pictures

  1. mama says:

    I love our life!

  2. Mrs V says:

    Wonderful pictures, Spencer!! Mrs V

  3. mary says:

    Thanks for keeping your blog up. I really enjoy it. The random photos are fun to see. You are a man of diverse interests and talents!

  4. Becca says:

    Love the pictures, Spencer.
    Good job, especially on the picture of the pear cake.

    Love you,

  5. JustinM says:

    Great Pics Spencer! I made a fossil of a shell!

  6. Ellen V says:

    The first picture is sooo cute!

  7. Hannah V. says:

    Good pictures! Michael is so cute!

  8. Grandma Cindy says:

    Nice pictures Spencer! I enjoyed reading your pages today!

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