Advent Calendars

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’m really bad about that on the weekends!

On the 18th Hanna got an arch made of leaves and I got a pot, an apple, and a kitchen knife.On the 19th Hanna got (a lot of) roses to put on the arch and I got Sir Michael a lion knight to further  protect Princess Adelina.And today I got a catapult and Hanna got a rickshaw for Rosie.And then I got a close up shot of Sir Michael. =) Spencer

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I'm Spencer. I'm in to politics, martial arts, and technology. Find out more about me here.
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2 Responses to Advent Calendars

  1. Grandma Kathie says:

    I have been reading your blog each day and have yet to comment. You will have quite a collection by the time Christmas day is here! Grandma Kathie

  2. Spencer says:

    we do have QUITE the collection now!

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