Advent calendars

So sorry that I haven’t posted for the last three days, we have been very busy!! =)

So, on the 5th Hanna got roses for her leaf chair and I got a hand cart with spears on it, for charging at things during a battle.on the 6th I got a suit of armor and Hanna got Rosie Miller the fairy.And today I got Princess Adelina and Hanna got a hat, wings, and a skirt for Rosie.Also, I am going to, for the rest of the days, post these at noon so you’ll know when to check to see what we got!!

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  1. Grandma Cindy says:

    Spencer: Thank you for the wonderful pictures, and such great items you have been receiving in your advent calendars! It has been fun checking them out with you! I can’t wait until Saturday!

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