And the winner is….

Grandma Cindy!

Congratulations! You will receive your prize my mail shortly.

Thanks to every one who entered in the contest. There will probably be more in the future.

About Spencer

I'm Spencer. I'm in to politics, martial arts, and technology. Find out more about me here.
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3 Responses to And the winner is….

  1. Grandma Cindy says:

    Hurray! I won! I am very excited! Thank you Spencer!

  2. Grandma Kathie says:

    C0ngratulations Grandma Cindy! Now what is the next contest about?
    Keep up guessing! Grandma Kathie

  3. Grandma Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for my prize Spencer! I received it in the mail today! I love how you used the N on the dollar bill to put “Nice job”. Enjoy the snow! Love, Grandma Cindy

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