Barack Hussein Obama II

Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961 and is currently 51. He is the incumbent in the race for president of the united states. He is the first African American to hold the office. He is married to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Natasha (14) and Malia Ann (11). Barack H. Obama took office on January 20th, 2009. He will leave office in January 2013 (if he loses the election) or on January 2017 (if he wins). (information in part from

Also, one other thing I wanted to mention, during the last debate, he made the infamous “horses and bayonets” comment:

See this excerpt from the LA Times:

“The Army has 419,155 bayonets in its current inventory, Army spokesman Wayne V. Hall said Tuesday. The Marine Corps plans to buy 175,061 bayonets this year, in addition to the 195,334 bayonets it bought in 2004, said Captain Kendra N. Motz, a Marine spokeswoman. Even assuming some were lost or damaged in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military probably has more than 600,000 bayonets on hand.”

And, check out this picture:
Tomb of the Unknowns
That’s the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington Cemetery, VA. Do you see what’s on the end of his rifle? Oh! It’s a bayonet! And, as we speak, there is a guard marching those 21 steps back and forth in front of the tomb, just like there has been 24/7 since 1937. Even while hurricane Sandy is whipping through the capitol, those bayonet armed guards are going to stay there, guarding the tomb and honoring the United States of America.

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