Catching up!

Wow! I’ve got a lot to post about. Here we go:

  1. This is the LAST day to participate in the Definition Contest! Make sure to get your entry in.
  2. Dad, Becca, and I just got back from Cedar Rapids, IA. While we were there, Becca helped run a Bright Lights conference and Dad and I put in a shower at the guest house for interns that come to work. Here are pictures of the process:

    First we took out the half wall in between the tub and toilet

    Then we added studs for the new wall

    Plumbing next...

    Then we added drywall and plastic surround.

    The finished product!

    I caught this garter snake near a geocache on our way home

  3. Becca’s birthday was while we were gone; head over to her blog and post a happy birthday comment! A little woman

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  1. Grandma Kathie says:

    You and your dad make a great team!!!

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