Deep in the heart of Colombian rebel held territory a plane flies overhead. A parachute drops from the opened door and floats slowly down to the ground. A short-wave radio, pre-tuned to a Christian station and turned on my the impact of the fall, lures rebels to come and investigate. When they come to the scene they find a bible and other Christian materials.
VOM Parachute
This is what Voice of the Martyrs is doing in the regions of Colombia that are held by the rebels. How can you help? Just go to their website and order your parachute kits ($3.50 apiece), construct your chutes, and return them to VOM with $5 for each to help pay for airplane fuel and other expenses. To order visit the Colombia parachute page, or, for more information, visit

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  1. mitchell bontrager says:

    Wow! Thanks for speaking up for truth, Spencer! We definitely do need to be sharing the Gospel; what a great way to do it. Blessings, Mitchell Bontrager

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