Deer Hunting 2012 with pictures!

Update: I now have pictures. Enjoy!

This weekend, dad and I and my cousin, Kelcie, went deer hunting! Another of my cousins, Kelcie’s sister, lives near by Lexington, NE with her husband who is a rancher. We got to their house on Friday and spent the night. Saturday morning, we all got up early and headed out! There was a total of eight of us that went hunting, including Dad, Kelcie, my cousin-in-law, and myself. It was very foggy Saturday morning and we had to wait for awhile before we could start hunting. Here is a picture after we had already delayed awhile:

While we were waiting I saw a coyote. We split up into three pickups and after it got clearer, we started looking for deer. We spotted a herd of five mule deer and began following them. I took a shot at a buck in the group but missed. We kept following. After awhile, Kelcie (in a different pickup) took a few shots at the buck and thought she missed but actually did hit it. The deer started running and when the came out of a valley, we noticed there were only four… We drove over to the valley and found the buck, still alive but wounded and lying down. So, I shot it and killed it. Here is a picture of Kelcie and I with it.

After that, dad shot a deer we saw down in a valley. As soon as he shot it, it just fell over and we assumed it was dead. We drove down to it and realized it was still kicking a little. Not wanting it to suffer, dad grabbed its antlers and cut its throat. All of a sudden, it stood up and charged at dad! He still had a hold on it’s antlers so he managed to force it back down and then we shot it again. No one got hurt, but we will always remember that deer!

Here is me with the antlers from my deer:

We stayed that night and then drove home on Sunday. It was a great trip!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Do you still have the antlers?

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