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The polls are closed! A total of five entries were submitted. Judging has been held!

If I entered, my entry would be:

Duty is what is incurred when someone superior to you tells you to do something. Duty is irrevocable except by the person that gave that duty or someone superior to them.

You may view the entries and my notes below.


Something that you are clearly required, but usually not forced to do, either by God, by society, or out of necessity.


Duty is the job that is yours to do, perhaps given at the hand of men but judged by your conscience as inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Duty–” obligation to act within the boundaries of what is right and good, when one sees the need or opportunity to act.”


A verb.
A job which one feels obligated to do.


Duty: the responsibility to do what is right

Everyone gave great entries and I want to thank you all for participating! Many of you gave definitions referring to “Doing things right”; while that is our duty as Christians, it isn’t the definition of the word duty. Because of that, I will say the winner is…(drum roll)…Becca! Congratulations! Your prize will be awarded. Thanks again for entering, everyone and look forward to future contests!

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    Nice contest, Spencer…and congratulations to Becca!!

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