Flight 93 Memorial

The day after the awards ceremony we again packed up and then headed home!
On our way to Toledo, OH we visited the Flight 93 memorial.

This is the map of the route. The plane’s original route was to San Francisco but it was delayed 25 minutes due to heavy traffic. They finally took off at 8:42 on September 11, 2001. At 9:28 four terrorists from first class stormed the cockpit and took over the plane. The 33 passengers were forced into the back of the plane were they began frantically making phone calls; 13 people made 37 calls. They realized that this plane was probably headed toward a high profile target and decided by vote to retake the plane. At 9:57 the charged into the cockpit and began fighting for control of the plane. It is suspected that they never gained control but were seconds away from doing so and the hijackers crashed the plane upside down into a field in rural Pennsylvania at a speed of 563 mph. They were 18 minutes away from Washington DC and 3 seconds away from the town of Shanksville, PA were there was a school. The crater made by the plane has been filled in and the field looks just like it did before 9/11. A large boulder has been placed in the field to mark the impact point.

The grass is all let to grow except for a path to the boulder. There are large marble pillars with the names of all the passengers and crew on them.

It was a very moving place for me. It gave me two main emotions. First, pride. It made me proud to be an American, It made me want to stand up against all attacks on American, physical and spiritual. And secondly, it made me stand in awe. I am very thankful for all that our soldiers do to keep us safe but these people weren’t trained, prepared, or warned in any way. They just took control of themselves and fought back. Think about the last time you rode on an airplane. What if that plane had been hijacked?

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3 Responses to Flight 93 Memorial

  1. Grandma Kathie says:

    Powerful thoughts and emotions. It was indeed a moving experience to see this place in American history.

    • Matthew says:

      Kathie, indeed. I can’t wait to make the visit to the memorial to pay my respects to the victims of Flight 93. NPS seems to have done a terrific job erecting a memorial to honor them. I can’t even imagine what it was like aboard that plane. Hugs and kisses to all the families impacted by UAL 93 and NYC attacks.

      • Spencer says:

        Thanks for your kind words, Matthew. It was a great experience and I’d return any time I had the chance.

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