Top Three Resources – General Election 2014

The general election is fast upon us.

Citizens, especially in Omaha, NE, have a pivotal chance to make some real changes.  And I’m not just saying that.  If we push through these last few days, we can swing our unicameral legislature to the conservative side for the first time in many years.  And that’s not counting the senate, holding the house, and on and on and on.

Below, are three solid resources to take to the polls with you.  Print your sample ballot from the Election Commission and fill it in while you do your research.  Don’t skimp on this, you don’t deserve to complain about our government if you can’t even put in the work to vote well.

Douglas County Republican Party Candidate Slates

For a start, check out the DCRP’s candidate slates that show the republican candidates for even the minor races.  For most races, this will answer all your questions.  Check out the sample slates by clicking on the image at this site: Voting Information.

KETV Newswatch 7: Commitment 2014

This year, KETV has undertaken the very noble project of interviewing (virtually) every candidate in the Omaha area and posting it in their own words on their website.  Visit this link to view the videos: Candidate Video Statements: ‘In Their Own Words’

Voter Information Project

For more unedited comments, check VIP.  They get a hold of as many candidates as possible and publish their statements.  Search by name to find all the candidates in a race or search for all races in your county, plus a registered voter can enter their information and see races specific to them.

Remember! Polls are open 8am to 8pm this Tuesday; November 4th.  Take the time to do this small step and make an impact for your country.

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3 Responses to Top Three Resources – General Election 2014

  1. Mama says:

    Well done, Spencer!

  2. Hanna R. says:

    That’s awesome, Spencer! How many teenagers post about voting on their blogs? I think you must be making an impact, without even being able to vote yet!!!

  3. Hanna R. says:

    That’s really great! How many teenagers post about VOTING on their blogs? I’m realizing how big an impact you can make without even being able to vote yet!!!

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