Geocaching is an like a video game, in real life, out doors. It works by having someone hide a container and then posting the exact coordinates online. Other users can then look it up and go find the cache (short for Geocache). There are currently over 1,700,000 geocaches hidden all over the world! Many cache have small trinkets hidden inside of them, which you can take if you leave something too. You can also sign your name in the log book and post about your experience online. How can you join? go to and create an account, and you’re ready for action! For more information, check out the items below:

Frequently Asked Questions about geocaching

Our last name, Rothfuss, means “red foot” in German. So when we started, our username was “redfoot5” but after Michael was born we changed it to “redfoot5.1”. We have found over 90 geocaches and hidden two.

Profile for redfoot5.1

Some caches aren’t that straight-forward though…traditional caches are like the ones listed above but there are other types, like multi caches and mystery caches. Multi caches mean that there are multiple things to find. The coordinates given online might take you to a container with more coordinates inside that would lead you to the real cache, or the next stage. Mystery caches are just what they sound like; mysteries! That usually means that you have to solve a puzzle to find it. There are also events, virtual caches, and more!

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