Greek City-states 600-337 B.C.

I. Athens

A. Athens was a busy cosmopolitan trading city.

B. Athens became great by prosperity and invention.

C. Athens was the birthplace of Democracy.

D. Voting was enjoyed only by free men.

II.  Sparta

A.  Sparta had a large army.

B. Life in Sparta was much harsher than that in Athens.

C.  All sick or weak babies were thrown out to die.

D. Boys were given military training from when they were seven to when they were twenty.

E. After that they joined the army.

F. Even after they were married, Spartans lived in communal barracks until they were thirty.

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  1. gramM says:

    The Greeks laid the foundations for freedom too, not going far enough, but they brought civilization a long way.

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