Hello? Hello?

Anybody there???

I know that my blog has been pretty quiet lately bit that usually means that life has been far from that!!

We have been very busy his last week or so with company coming over, enjoying the beautiful weather, playing with Michael, and so much more!!

Here are a couple pictures.

The catastrophe I created in the kitchen this week

(But I didn’t cry ‘cuz it’s just milk)

Michael’s newest trick

(Three months old in two days!! How can he be that old!!)

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5 Responses to Hello? Hello?

  1. Grandma Kathie says:

    Hmm….catastrophe doesn’t look bad….never cry over spilt milk!
    Michael is thriving. He must be learning tricks from his big brother. Grandma Kathie

  2. Ellen says:

    Hooray for Michael!!!

  3. Hannah V. says:

    Good job, Michael! You are getting so big and very cute!

  4. Michaela Cox says:

    Hi Spencer,
    I hear its your birthday, and the big 1-3 at that. Happy birthday, cousin! And good luck as you enter the exciting teenage years. I hope to get to see you and your family (and meet Michael!) soon.

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