The (especially photogenic) things I’ve been eating lately.

right to left: homemade yogurt topped with homemade granola, Whole Foods® blueberry scone, and home-mixed pineapple oj.

right to left: homemade steel-cut oats, blackberries, and homemade yogurt topped with hand-crumbled granola.

top to bottom: cinnamon crunch bagel, Mott’s applesauce, and a Coleman hotdog with Heinz’s ketchup.

right to left: two summer sausage/Hawaiian sweet roll sandwiches, home cut and peeled carrots, and a bowl of a Kashi® autumn wheat cereal with rice milk.

right to left: homemade rice and beef stew and a homemade roll with butter.

right to left: kiwi and strawberry fruit bowl and and a homemade dutch baby. (a.k.a. German pancake)

Justin – This morning you told me that you were going to stop checking my blog if I didn’t post again because the same post had been up for over a week. So here is a post for you!

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  1. Amanda Anderson says:

    Happy birthday!!!

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