Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Joseph Biden
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., is currently the Vice President of the United States. He is 69 years old and was born on November 20, 1942. He and his second wife, Dr. Jill Tracy Jacobs Stevenson Biden, were married in 1977. With his first wife, Neilia Biden, who died in a car accident in 1972, he had three children, Joseph Robinette III (43), Robert Hunter (42), and Naomi (died 1972). He and Dr. Jill Biden have one, Ashley Biden (31).

Before becoming vice president, he served in the senate six terms and was both the 6th youngest senator (1973) and the 4th oldest (2009)!
A few other facts:

1. “Biden twice ran for the Democratic nomination for President, first in 1988, and again in 2008. He first considered running in 1984, after he gained notice for giving speeches to party audiences that simultaneously scolded and encouraged Democrats.”
2. “video was…released showing that when earlier questioned by a New Hampshire resident about his grades in law school, Biden had falsely stated that he had graduated in the ‘top half’ of his class, that he had attended law school on a full scholarship, and that he had received three degrees in college.”
3. “Biden is the first United States Vice President from Delaware and the first Roman Catholic to attain that office.”
4. “It took some time for the cautious Obama and the blunt, rambling Biden to work out ways of dealing with each other.”

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That concludes my series on the candidates! I hope you enjoyed it! All that’s left now is for you to go vote!

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