Ken Ham Versus Bill Nye the Science Guy – FREE! Live Tonight!

Tonight at 6 PM CST, Ken Ham and Bill Nye will be having a live debate at The Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.



Ken Ham is President of Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum. He is a well known speaker and creationist who believes in a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis.

Bill Nye is also a well known speaker. He is most famous for his place on PBS’s Bill Nye the Science Guy television series. He is an adamant evolutionist.

They will be debating tonight over the question “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” You can watch the live debate stream on Watching the debate is totally free. Simply register with your email address and number of people who will be attending.

Plus, be sure to check out the pre- and post-debate commentary at by Ray Comfort and Mark Spence of, Bodie Hodge, and others.

You can also check out other sites that have featured the debate, like Glenn Beck on The Blaze and Grace Mally (see her promotional materials too).

Debate starts at 6! Until then, check out Answers in Genesis’s promotional materials and spread the word!

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