LEGO bridge

Me and my friend (Joel Bettis) finished working on this camelback truss a few days ago.

I would have built a bowstring truss instead except, legos don’t bow.

Those of you who haven’t read Building Big By David Macualy ask “What is the difference between a camelback truss and a bowstring truss?”  Well before I explain that you must understand a simple thing about building bridges; if you secure a board on both sides and put weight in the middle it will bend.  This makes the top part a little bit smaller (so, it is under compression) and the bottom part a little bit bigger (which puts it under tension).  And, if either of these forces are too great, for the bridge, it breaks.  A bowstring truss however has a bottom that bows up so when weight goes across it, it straightens out but does not sag.

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  1. Grandma Kathie says:

    Hi Spencer
    I like the information provided in your blog. I did not know the difference betweeen a bowstring and camelback truss…now I do. Keep learning!
    I look forward to your next posting. Grandma Kathie

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