National History Day 2012

After visiting the creation museum, we drove to Morgantown, WV and stayed the night. The next day, we drove got to Silver Spring, MD just in time for the National History Day opening ceremonies!

Every student gets a bag of buttons from their state and then trade them for other state's buttons

Justin trading a button

The girl in red had an "American Samoa" button that Joel and I both wanted. She wouldn't trade.

The four of us boys by the NHD sign

Miss Emma who OBVIOUSLY wants her picture taken. 🙂

The three dads/teachers

Michael; the NHD fan!

All of the buttons I got.

The next day we judged and had to wait until Thursday to get the results! Here are pictures of the awards ceremony.

Dad and I walking in

The parade to start the ceremony

Me in the parade (Between the two flags).

The New Mexico sign up on the big screen

The four of us boys

Justin and William got first place for their Junior Group Documentary and Joel and I didn’t place in the top three but later figured out that we had been in the top twenty.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Michael is the cutest baby in the world!!!!!!!

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