National History Day 2013

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I have been working on a project for National History Day (commonly abbreviated to NHD). NHD is an international (a few SE Asian countries participate) program for kids grades 6-12. To see more about NHD look at this post (the website on that post is last year’s project)(No, I haven’t given you the link to this year’s project; we’re getting to that. So, just hold your horses; it’s coming). Joel and I worked together this year again. We made our website about The Great American Dust Bowl. Our thesis statement is:

“The Dust Bowl was a turning point because it led to fundamental changes in farming techniques. For decades, farming methods depleted the soil of roots, water, and its natural aggregates. The disaster that followed caused farmers to change how they prepared and cultivated the land.”

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with the link to our site until all competitions are over.
Joel and I have been frantically editing the site every chance we get until last night (at midnight) when it (and all the other NHD websites) lock. Now, we wait until we go judge this March!

Now that you know what I’ve been doing, I’ll try to catch you up on what’s happened while I was working on NHD. Here we go…

– I learned how to write a worship song in 5 minutes:

DISCLAIMER: While I do enjoy the above video, I can not vouch for the videos YouTube suggests for you or other videos made by this user (P.S. the only reason I put in that disclaimer is to make you want to watch the video. Seriously, last time you picked up a book and the first page said disclaimer you totally got that “ooh, I love this book” feeling, right? Because that means it is either totally dangerous or very Politically Incorrect, both highly my style.)

– I (finally) caught an opossum in my trap!

We let him go west of Waterloo, NE, before church.

Much more also happened but now Becca is having company (she is having a Bright Lights ( group over) so I have to go! More to come!

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