National History Day

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Sorry for the absence of blog posts! I have been busy working on a project with a friend, Joel Myers, for National History Day ( NHD is a year long competition for kids grades 6-12. When you enter, you may chose to, make a video documentary, build a website, write a paper, make an exhibit, or preform a skit. We decided to make a website about Center Pivot irrigation. This year’s theme was ‘Revolution, Reaction, and Reform’ so we had to tie that in too. You may see our website at

We will send it in today and then in March we will go to the Durham Museum to talk with the judges about our website and walk them through it. If we are in the top three for our division, we will go to a state-wide competition and if we get to the top two in that we will go to Washington D.C. for a Nation-wide competition. But even if we don’t win, the process its self had been very fun and educational.

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4 Responses to National History Day

  1. mama says:

    I am so proud of you!!!!
    The website is fabulous!
    Love you!

  2. Mrs V says:

    Excellent website!!! So well done!!

  3. Hannah says:

    Nice job! It was very interesting to read about.

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