Nebraska Statehood

You may already know that on March 1, 1867 Nebraska officially became a state.

But did you know that the statehood process began nearly 8 months prior to that?

The first step in the process was the 39th Congress passing a bill on July 28, 1866 admitting Nebraska into the union. President Andrew Johnson however resisted this measure and essentially sat on the bill until the end of the session so it was never passed.

The following January, however another bill was presented to him which he quickly vetoed saying that the territory’s population did not necessitate its statehood. The Senate and House of Representatives overrode his veto on February 8th and 9th of 1867, forcing the bill to pass.

And finally, on March 1, 1867, President Johnson issued a declaration confirming Nebraska’s statehood.

There you go. Learn something new everyday.

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