Of cameras and sippy cups

What do you do when your sister loses her 1/2″ tall toy sippy cup down the vent?

Well, first, you console her and tell her you will surely find it.

Second, you get a flashlight and stick your head down the vent.

Third, you realize that you can’t see around the bend in the vent…Now what?!?!

You have a spark of inspiration and send your sister off downstairs to get the camera.

Afterwards, stick the camera down the vent and take a flash picture. Results:

See the little white shape on the lower right? That's the sippy cup!

Now, finagle you arm down the vent and see if you can feel the cup.

The doll house behind me is where the sippy cup belongs

When you find it, pull it back up. Success!

The sippy cup returned to its rightful place!


Note: This story is based on a true story.


Actually, this is a true story with no basing included.

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6 Responses to Of cameras and sippy cups

  1. JustinM says:

    Ha! That’s cool!

  2. mama says:

    THANK YOU for saving the day!
    You are a HERO!
    LOVE the new banner!!

  3. Becca says:

    You’re so awesome, Spencer!
    I was SO glad we had you around to save us 🙂

    Love you!

  4. Grandma Kathie says:

    It used to be Superman to the rescue….now it is Spencer to the rescue!!! Way to go big brother!!! Grandma K.

  5. Ellen says:

    Fun story! Hanna, isn’t that the Calico Critter sippy cup?

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