Omaha Mayoral and City Council Election 2013

UPDATE April 4, 2013: The primary is over and the results are in the top two candidates advance. They are Suttle with 24%, and Stothert in the lead with 32%. Dave Nabity was a close third. Those two will go on to the general election on May 14th. See the full resuslts for Douglas County here:

Today is the mayoral and city council election. It is important that you vote. In an area this small (only one city) every vote truly counts. There are five main candidates running for mayor.

  • Mayor Jim Suttle (D)
  • City councilwoman Jean Stothert (R)
  • Businessman Dave Nabity (R)
  • State Senator Brad Ashford (I)
  • Former city councilman Dan Welch (R)

To guide you as you vote, please visit the Voter Information Project’s website at The Voter Information Project is a non-profit organization that asks candidates questions and then publishes the answers on their site to assist your decisions. Their site is currently undergoing some changes, so please excuse the mess but make sure to still visit.

Also, for Douglas County residents, to figure out which of the many districts you are in, visit enter your information on the lower left. You will be taken to a screen showing your polling place and a link to view a sample ballot so you will know what will be on the ballot you receive.

Please do not think that because this is such a small election that it does not matter! It truly does! Go out and vote.

About our current mayor, Jim Suttle.
This is a television ad he released:

It’s been 88 days since Newtown. 235 days since Aurora. 1,924 days since Westroads Mall. And Washington still hasn’t banned assault weapons or high capacity magazines. I am the only candidate in this race that would ban assault weapons and limit high capacity magazines in Omaha. I am tired of waiting for Washington. It’s time for us to act.

This is one of the many reasons we can not let Mayor Suttle get reelected. The men that committed the horrible acts he mentioned were severely mentally ill and by all standards should have been incarcerated. Robbing everyone of their weapons of self defense because of a few that misuse them? That just isn’t right.

Now, it’s your turn, go vote!

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  1. Richard Thayer says:

    Very good Spencer…so glad you have interest in the important things.

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