Omaha Mayoral and City Council General Election 2013

UPDATE May 15: The people have spoken! Jean Stothert is the first female mayor of Omaha. She won with 57% of the vote.

Hello everyone. Today is the Omaha Mayoral election. Councilwoman Jean Stothert and current mayor Jim Suttle are the two candidates for mayor.

I would like to provide with some “food for thought” as you decide you to vote for.

Firstly, this ad by Jean Stothert and co.:

I am not in the position to question the facts used in this video. However, still something to think about.

Secondly, this ad by Jim Suttle and co.:

This is one of the main reasons I oppose Jim Suttle. You can see more about this in my post about the primaries.

And Finally, a resource for you to use.

The Nebraska voter information project is a non-partisan website that allows candidates to submit their unedited opinions for the general public to view and use at no charge. Their website is

I hope this helps as you make your choice for mayor today. The city council election is also held today. You can find informaiton about those candidates in your district at as well. Now, go vote!

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