I thinkĀ LEGOS are great. The biggest downside? They’re pretty expensive. What if there was a way to get around the cost? And, after you build a set a few times, it often gets left on a shelf collecting dust. What if there was a way to play with a set for as long as you want and then trade it for a different one? A service like Netflix, except for LEGOS. Enter Pleygo.

Pleygo is a service that allows you to rent LEGO sets for as long as you want before sending them back for free (postage is paid both ways, usually takes 2-5 days) to recieve the next set on your list. You pay a flat, monthly fee and get to pick sets from their ever-growing list (it is currently at more than 100 sets). And, one of the greatest beauties of Pleygo, the list contains everything from brand new sets like the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

Pleygo: The Council of ElrondPleygo: Hobbit Hole

to very old things like And the Aqua Raiders’ “Tiger Shark Attack” (discontinued in 2007), and “The Hydro Search Sub” from 1998.

Pleygo: Tiger Shark AttackPleygo: Hydro Search Sub

I started my subscription about a month ago and have greatly enjoyed getting to build with sets I otherwise would not have had the chance to. One set I recieved recently, Prisoner Transport, I used in a stop motion animation film, which you can see below.

I hope you will consider looking into using this service that I am glad I found.

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    Great film!

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