At our house I am in charge of recycling.  My family puts all the old paper, used cardboard, and empty water bottles on the bottom shelf of the cupboard. Periodically I check there and take the things out to the recycling bin.

Every Tuesday I put the recycling bin on the curb with the other cans, to be picked up the next morning.

I also like to find ways to reuse things at home. Like this pin-ball game I’m working on.

I got the idea from a Family Fun(R) magazine. I’m going to add plastic bottle caps as little cups to get points in.

Here are some action shots

And last but not least, a movie


Just click on the link and then open.

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  1. Grandma Kathie says:

    You are a great helper to Mom and Dad. You also keep quite busy and are very creative. Hope you are feeling better and the rash has gone down. Love, G’ma Kathie
    See you on Friday for Science. Looking forward to seeing your power point on the Muscular system.

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