What I’ve been doing this spring: @Sasse4Senate

As you all know, I’m interested (and often involved) in politics. This past spring, I got in with Ben Sasse and his campaign for US Senate to replace the now retiring Mike Johanns. I first heard about Dr. Sasse at the NHCEA homeschool legislative day in Lincoln, NE. I was very impressed with his speaking skills and where he stood on important issues. I got involved with his campaign because I honestly think he’s the best candidate for anything we’ve had in a long time. Ending up on Twitter a couple times was just a bonus.

He was declared winner when only a quarter of the vote had been counted – one quarter! – and he had 25% out of the vote (out of five total candidates). The final count had him at over 49%, which is absolutely unheard of. This was a candidate that Nebraskans could actually get excited about someone who was good, not just the best of two evils. Ben Sasse ran NO negative TV. None. Nada. Something else that is unheard of in this day and age (unfortunately). Dad and I also got to attend his victory night party (which I wouldn’t have missed for anything). I was very impressed with his speech. In it he said that this campaign “was about America” this was about big stuff; bringing America back to its roots, restoring good, Christian, conservative values. What that reminded me of is what Rush Limbaugh said about Mitt Romney back in 2012 (quoted by TiAS 10/8/12):

The Obama campaign was about small stuff. War on Women, binders, Big Bird, this kind of stuff. The Romney campaign was about big things, was about America.

I’m not saying Mitt Romney was the perfect candidate; he wasn’t. But in a way, this victory can be seen as even though the whole nation isn’t ready for this “revival” of real common sense, Nebraska is. We’re leading the way to bring this big picture, us-not-me thinking back to America. Maybe we really should move the capital.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Great post, Spencer! I like the second picture best! 🙂

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