The Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Competition 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, this past week my father and I were out of town (I still had posts publishing as to throw off anyone trying to track me… tricky, eh?) in Washington DC for the country-wide National History Day competition. After winning first at the district competition, and first again at the state competition, we qualified to go to the national competition. (we qualified last year as well with the website A Revolution Comes to the Farm: The Story of the Center Pivot, you can see pictures of the competition here and pictures from the trip our whole family went on to get there here, here, and here.) Now that the contest is over, (no risk of the competition stealing our ideas) I can release the link to our site for this year: Turning Up The Soil: How The Dust Bowl Changed Farming. Below are some pictures of Dad and I’s trip this year.


First, we flew out on Sunday. And had opening ceremonies.

Button Trading...

The jacket that Grandma sent me money for.

Reviewing our website in preparation for judging tomorrow


On Monday, we judged (the judges had already looked over our website but they interviewed us about our research, etc.)
Then, we drove out to see some relatives in Virginia. On the way, we stopped at the Bull Run/Manassas battlefield.

A monument erected in 1865 to the fallen soldiers.

To the right you can see the Union Cannons, the Confederates were fleeing to the left across the picture and Jackson stopped. A colonel cried out “There stands Jackson like a stonewall!” they rallied and were able to win a victory.

We only studied the first battle, due to time constraints. You can read about the battle here.


On the way back to DC, we stopped at the Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center and got to see Space Shuttle Discovery.


The museum is right next to the Dulles airport so from their observation tower you can watch planes land (and hear them on the radio).

While we were driving into DC, on many of the numerous overpasses an American flag had been placed for those driving through to see.

I don’t know what person/group is doing this, but if you’re reading this blog; Thank you for your patriotism.


On Wednesday, we first went to the Nebraska breakfast, where we were able to get a picture with Senator Deb Fischer and hear her speak, as well as the other four Nebraska representatives. No offense, but she’s my favorite.

From left to right: my partner (Joel), My favorite Senator (Deb Fischer), Joel's younger brother (Jake), Me (Spencer), and Joel's older brother Justin (also a NHD participant).

We were also able to get a tour of the capitol (Courtesy of dad’s cousin; thank you Ann!). We saw the original supreme court room and many other neat areas. One thing I learned was that every state gets to pick two statues to be displayed in the capitol. One of California’s was (of course) Ronald Reagan. It was especially interesting to me because it was of Ronald Reagan in the center of its pedestal is a layer of rock from the Berlin wall.

Cool, huh?


The next day was the awards ceremony! Justin and his partner William placed third in their division with their documentary “Free Land For Free Men”. You can watch it below.

We placed as… FIRST! in our division! Absolutely couldn’t believe it. Dad took a video of us when they announced the winner. 🙂

Or you can see us from the official camera here:
We both got a gold medal and $1000 to split, courtesy of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Here’s a picture of all four of us.

From left to right: Justin, Will, Joel, Me (Spencer)

And one of me and dad:

After that we headed home! We ended up staying an extra night in St. Louis because our plane from DC to there was late… then we flew to Kansas City and drove home from their in a rental car. And adventure no doubt. 😉 Good to be home now.

Bye for now!

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  1. Becca says:

    Awesome job!
    I’m SO proud of you guys!!!


  2. Mama says:

    Great post! I especially enjoyed it because I wasn’t able to be there.
    Thank you!

  3. Grandma Kathie says:

    A memory for a lifetime!

  4. Michaela Cox says:

    Way to go, Spencer! I’m so proud of you for your perseverance and hard work, regardless of whether you won. But winning is pretty great too, huh? 🙂

    Love to your whole family from Nick and I in Seattle,


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