The Romeike Family

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A few years ago in 2008, the Romeike (pronounced ro-MY-kuh) family moved to the United States from Germany. They had begun homeschooling their eight children in 2006. They faced fierce persecution for this, with fines up to $9,000 and having their children forcibly removed from their home. They fled to America. A judge in their home state, Tennessee ruled that they had a right to stay in America as refugees, seeking asylum.

The Romeike family doing school. Courtesy of TimePhotos.

Then five years later, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (part of the Department of Homeland Security) declared that they didn’t have a right. And issued a deportation decree. If this is not overturned, they will be forced to leave the country and go back to Germany. They will be before the circuit court on April 23rd. We must take action!
Sign the Romeike petition!
Visit to find images, facts and other ways to help the Romeike family. Or you can visit the “We the People” website and sign the official petition here: ​Immediate action requested for Romeikes. If it receives 100,000 signatures by April 18th, the Obama administration will be forced to issue a public response. Anyone 13 years old or older can create an account and sign!
Sign the Romeike petition!

I signed it too! I’m signer #96,497!

Supporters of the Romeike family include:
Mike Huckabee, who said if they are deported it will have a “chilling effect”.
Glenn Beck, who donated $50K to help the Romeike’s case.
Rick Santorum, and many other leaders.

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6 Responses to The Romeike Family

  1. Mama says:

    I am signer # 97,933!!!

  2. Becca says:

    I’m signer #98,019!

  3. JustinM says:

    I was signer # 86,000 something….
    By the way, they’re now at 101,019 signatures. Thanks everyone for helping protect freedom!

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  5. Spencer says:

    We’ve now passed 104,000! Thanks so much to everyone who helped.
    If you haven’t already, please still sign the petition even though we’re over the goal. This petition is currently the fourth most-signed petition. The top one has 350,000. Let’s see if we can break the record!

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