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Yesterday was the Obama administration’s “Gun Violence Prevention Day of Action”. I think that is a very noble thing for the president to be aspiring towards. I think we should definitely try our very hardest to eliminate all violence in our communities. However, I think the president is going about it in exactly the wrong way. Consider the state of Illinois, a classic example of huge, oppressive government oversight. Looking at it versus Houston, TX,* we see…

Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Population 2.7 million 2.15 million
Median HH income $38,600 $37,000
% African-American 32.9% 24%
% Hispanic 28.9% 44%
% Asian 5.5% 6%
% non-Hispanic White 31.7% 26%

Looks reasonably similar, until –

Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Concealed carry
gun law
no yes
# of gun stores 0 84 dedicated gun shops,
1500 places to buy guns
(Walmart, etc.)
Homicides in 2012 506 207
Homicides per 100k 18.4 9.6

An interesting comparison, is it not? Could the lack of guns be what is causing all the murders?

The public schools train children to assume victimization. For example,

Less regulation leads to more guns, leads to more criminals with guns, leads to more murders.

Seems to logically follow. But now, consider this:

Less regulation leads to more guns, leads to more law-abiding citizens having guns with them more of the time, leads to more people able to protect themselves and those around them.

When we assume we’ll be victims, there isn’t anything we can do except over regulate everybody and try to get rid of all guns everywhere. When we’re a little more open minded, there are many more options. In her video about the second amendment, Sarah Merkle touches on this. In China, the government has all the guns. Is China the society we want to try to be like?

And finally, just for fun,

Custer County Chronicle - Feb. 6, 2013 - Page 5A

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*Statistics current as of 1/31/13 – courtesy of

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