The world at a glance 499 B.C.-A.D. 500

I. North America
A. Tribes were spread thinly across the continet.
B. In the Ohio area the Hopewell culture started the first civilization north of Mexico.
C. About A.D. 500, the Anasazi culture began to develop in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.
II. Mesoamerica and Southamerica
A. Civilizations grew in Mexico.
1. The trading city of Teotihuacán was one of the first.
2. It had many palaces and pyramids.
B. Civilizations also grew in Peru.
1. They were high in the Andes.
2. Settlement also started on the coast of Peru.
III. Europe
A. Greece
1. Greece was composed of many city-states, that regulary fought each other.
2. Classical Greece dominated the Mediteranean by the 300s and 400s B.C.
B. Rome
1. Rome absorbed Greek ways.
2. By 100 A.D. it had an empire from Arabia to Scotland.
3. It began to disintegrate circa A.D. 400.
IV. Asia
A. China
1. The Qin united China for the first time circa 350 B.C.
2. The Han took over and ruled until A.D. 220.
B. India
1. In India the Buddhist Mauryan created a culture from 320 B.C.-185 B.C.
2. A Hindu dynasty, the Gubtas, founded a empire that lasted until A.D. 500
V. Africa
A. Africa was inhabited by many tribal peoples.
B. The Nok culture grew in western Africa circa 400 B.C.
C. The people of Askum conquered the kingdom Kush in 350 A.D.
D. The Bantu reached southern Africa by A.D. 500.
VI. Middle East
A. The middle east was greatly influenced by Greece and Rome.
1. Alexander the Great made his capital in Babylon.
2. The Romans dominated Syria, Palestine, and Egypt.
B. Persia’s rich civilization straddled the Eastern and Western worlds.
VII. Australasia
A. In Australia the aborigines lived quietly with no outside contact.
B. In New Zealand there where few inhabitants.
C. In the Pacific Ocean the Polynesia continued to colonize islands over a vast area.

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