Third Presidential Debate

Last night was the final debate this election. You can view it below:

I think the debate went pretty well. In the post-debate commentary there was some talk about Romney not being aggressive enough and letting Obama pull some points without really rebutting them. I think that was partly on purpose. He wanted to portray the picture that he was a competent, stable person that could be the commander-in-chief of this nation. He could do that because of a few reasons. (1)He so entirely creamed Obama in the first debate, (2)the town hall style of the second debate made it difficult to really show their views. So, Obama was pretty much forced to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at Romney because he had to come across strong in this debate as he hadn’t had a chance to really do that in previous debates. Romney could see that coming and was able to just look smooth and confident while Obama worked himself all up about stuff.

Something else you might find interesting, I used a stopwatch to time the candidates and recorded if they went over or under the two minute time limit (ie 1:52 = -8). This is what I came up with:
11   /   -10
12   /   08
10   /   -4
36   /   -10
36   /   -5
17   /   -6
03   /  12
07   /   07
Total: 132/-8
This is NOT an exhaustive measurement. Just a rough estimate. Other people will do extensive work on this and you can look that up. I also did not record all of the times (I started at approx. 9:30 ET) and discarded those less than -10. Still interesting that Obama talked over time more.

All righty. Here is the section for the non political people;
Today I learned a new word: UNDISTURBEDNESS.
“the quality or state of being undisturbed”*
Mom found it in her amplified bible:

“May grace (God’s unmerited favor) and spiritual peace [which means peace with God and harmony, unity, and undisturbedness] be yours from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”   –Ephesians 2:1

Cool, huh?

*definition from

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