Tribalism in AMERICA

My Grandpa recently wrote this article about Tribalism in America. I encourage you to read it and pass it on.

“…In the past fifty years, we have seen a paradigm shift. No longer are we “one nation,” a melting pot but tribes. A nation of tribes of not just men, women, families but tribes of black, white, gay, lesbian, transgender, disabled, disadvantage, rich, middle class, poor…the list has become endless. Each tribe demands from the other recognition, rights, powers and often economic support. We are no longer AMERICANS. We have become hyphenated Americans…”

Click the link below to download and read the entire article. It has been submitted to the Omaha World Herald and may be published as an editorial sometime in the future.

Tribalism in AMERICA

Click on the link above and then select “save” to download the document. If that does not work, try this link.

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