Turning in All Standing?

What does Turning in all standing mean? Well, it is actually a sea men’s term that comes from when seamen were working in a storm over night, and when they got off duty and were too tired to undress, they would just get in their bunk with their clothes on. Also, they would turn in all standing when they went below to get a short nap and needed to be on deck again soon and wouldn’t have time to get dressed afterwards. I do it because I don’t see the point in getting undressed and redressed at night and then in the morning get undressed and redressed again. That was four times you had to undress or redress yourself! I just put on the next days clothes the night before and then, when you get up in the morning you can just get right to whatever you have to do that day and don’t have to change yourself again. :)

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  1. Ellen says:

    Interesting. 🙂

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