VP Debate

As most of you probably know, last night was the Vice Presidential debate. You can view the entire debate below:

I personally thought it was poorly done. The interviewer, Martha Raddatz, was obviously biased in favor of Bidens point of view. She interrupted Ryan multiple times and asked him questions while letting Biden talk without interruption. She interrupted Ryan when he confronted Biden and made them move on to a different topic. She also did not enforce the time limits. It’s not surprising that she was this biased when you realize that she is good friends with Obama. Probably at least partly because her ex-husband attended law-school with Barack Obama. They were friends to the extent that she invited him to her wedding, which he attended. However, neither campaign thought it would have any effect on the debate, since the pair had divorced a decade earlier, according to Wikipedia. She is currently married to her third husband.

Biden was also very disrespectful to Ryan. As the RNC reported, he interrupted Ryan 82 times during the course of the 90 minute debate. He also never talked directly to Ryan; he referred to ‘my friend’, ‘governor’, or ‘the congressmen’ and always told his opinion to ‘Martha’. Additionally, he was very rude to Ryan by laughing at him while he was talking.

I personally think…

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