Note: What I Wrought Wednesday (WIWW) was a project from the summer of 2012 where I took time off the computer to build something every Wednesday. You can see a record of it all below.

On Wednesdays, I fast media so that I can attend to matters of greater consequence. I will call these matters (drum roll please!) “What I Wrought Wednesday”!

This is where I will keep a running total of all the WIWW projects and where you can see them. So, Here we go!

Wednesday, August First, Two Thousand Twelve

After we went to Chick-fil-A, we went to ‘That Pottery Place’ and I painted a ceramic cross!

Side #1

Side #2

P.S. Hanna made a butterfly too!

P.P.S. We had coupons from the OPL summer reading program so they were free!

Wednesday, July Twenty-fifth, Two thousand Twelve

I wrought a T-shirt for Hanna! She is having a fairy garden tea party so I put a fairy on one of her shirts.

Also, here is the trailer for the stop-action video I said I was working on:

Wednesday, July fourth, Two thousand twelve

Yesterday, I  made a discovery. I got thinking. And came to the conclusion that this:

Isn’t the real point of independence day. Not that there is anything wrong with these:

In fact, I used/played with/lit off some of those. But they’re not what it’s all about. It’s more about this:

Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, June Twenty Seventh, Two Thousand Twelve

I made a “Yogurt Peach crunch” (Mom’s recipe)

What you need:

One Ripe Peach (Preferably from your neighbor’s backyard)

Two Spoonfuls Yogurt (Preferably homemade)

One Handful of Chex® cereal

Cut the peach in half and remove the pit. Then dice it and put it in a bowl add the yogurt and Chex® and voila! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June Twentieth, Two Thousand Twelve

I started taking pictures for a stop action movie! I’ll get the trailer up ASAP.

Wednesday, June Sixth, Two Thousand Twelve

I made a scale chair out of balloons.


I also found our 100th geocache! It was inside the Swanson Library.


Wednesday Thursday, May Thirty-first, Two Thousand Twelve

I spent Wednesday putting a book on tape on my Grandma’s iPod for when we go to Washington D.C.
Yes, I know it’s media but when duty calls, even media fasts must stand aside! :-) So today, I did what I was going to do yesterday. Which was make a security system! It sets off an alarm when you open the front door. Pictures are below.

The tape recorder/speaker system

The entire system

When you open the door it pulls a piece of paper out from between the batteries and the tape player plays:

STOP, your presence has been detected. Leave the area immediately. STOP, your presence…

Wednesday, May Twenty-Forth, Two Thousand Twelve

My sister (Becca) and I had a Bible study called ATTACH. Which stands for ‘Advancing Together Towards Accountability Christ-likeness and Harmony’.

Wednesday, May Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Twelve

Ever heard of Rube Goldberg? I made this with only junk out of the garage.

Wednesday, April Twenty-Fifth, Two Thousand and Twelve

I put a wooden boat filled with plastic army men in a metal wash tub in the back yard.

Then, I attached a plastic cup to the end of a stick and, bombs away!

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