What I Wrought Wednesday #9

Wednesday, August Twenty-second, Two Thousand Twelve

I solved a Rubik’s cube!

Okay, not exactly ‘wrought’…Well, I fixed up our box tunnels! Box Tunnels? Dad had a bunch of empty boxes from work and joined them end to end to create an interconnected MAzE oF tUnNelS!

We had been collecting the boxes for awhile and we decided to put them together now because we were having people over because we finalized Michael’s adoption.
Oh! On Tuesday, we went downtown to the courthouse and Michael’s adoption was made official! We had 50+ people over afterwards

From left to right: Our Lawyer, The judge, Mom (with Michael), and Dad

and having approx. 20 kids barreling about in the tunnels didn’t do them any favors. So, I patched them up a little. Now, today, we’re going down to Two Rivers to swim with some friends. I’ll put pictures up if Becca decides to bring the camera. šŸ™‚

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Spencer J. R.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I love those boxes!!!

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